Are you a business that is not confined to a physical location? Do you mostly operate in the field or online? If so, going for mobile credit card processing is a smart business decision. A business that is mobile requires a mobile solution, and the advantages are numerous. Mobile payment options for credit card processing are popular options for businesses since they offer more leeway. They involve a smartphone, a mobile card reader which you connect to the tablet or smartphone through its audio jack, and a card reading app.


Mobile credit card processing enables you to accept or pay for purchase from any location provided your smartphone/tablet receives signal. They are also a great choice for a new business that has no idea yet of the revenues it will earn due to its pay as you go or month-to-month payment options.  Again, mobile credit card processing requires fewer upfront fees, and most card processors offer a free basic card reader or one at a very low cost. Therefore, if you have a smartphone or tablet already, there are no or little additional costs. Finally, mobile credit card processing is a great additional payment system that can help reduce checkout lines with the advantage that most credit card processing companies do not charge termination fees in case you suddenly want to abandon it or upgrade.

What are the Advancements in Mobile Payment Options

You must be wondering whether the mobile card processing is keeping up with their counterparts especially since the EMV chip technology was rolled out. New card readers that are EMV capable are already in the market to help you upgrade to a more secure payment technology. Additionally, there are better card reading apps and most mobile card processing system also have added features such an inventory system and email invoice.


How to Choose a Mobile Payment Option for Card Processing?

The first thing is to ensure that the quality apps you would like to use are compatible with your mobile device. Popular software includes Gopayment, Square, Payanywhere, Roampay and Paypal Here among others. Your merchant account also factors in when you are selecting a service. For instance, if you are sponsored under master merchant accounts such as Paypal, then Paypal Here would be your best bet. However, if you want to have your own merchant account, looking for merchant service providers and direct processors will work best for you. Choosing the most suitable mobile credit card processor also depends on the transaction fees (which are expressed as a percentage of the transaction), the amount of money you are processing, whether you mainly operate online, or you prefer printed invoices instead of sending via email. Investing in mobile card processing is a great idea for your business as you don’t get many defaulters or missed business opportunities but rather, you get even more money in your account. The trick is to weigh your options carefully and pick the mobile credit card processor best suited for your business model.

As the U.S. continues to expand its nationwide migration to EMV chip technology, it is still a process that is a bit complicated to merchants and customers alike. What is EMV chip technology? What is required of merchants and customers in the switch to EMV chip technology? Allow us to walk you through the basics. EMV chip technology is one of the best payment technology used to protect against card fraud in offline transactions. In fact, it has been used around the world with France being the first to use it in 1992 and the U.S. being one of the last developed countries to implement it.

Remember the recent wave of data breaches and credit card fraud that swept country in 2014 that affected Target and other retailers? That increase in fraud cost merchants, financial institutions and credit card companies millions in terms of wasted time, resources and money and prompted credit card companies to accelerate their plan of rolling out the EMV chip technology. The EMV chip technology is a payment technology that was first developed by Europay, Mastercard and Visa and was later adopted by companies such as China Unionpay, Discover and American Express through the EMVco. It involves the use of microprocessor chips that are embedded on debit and credit cards.

Benefits of the EMV Chip Technology
With the rate of Credit card fraud having doubled in the last 7 years, the EMV chip technology is expected to reduce fraud by making it almost impossible to copy information or produce counterfeit cards hence reducing Card Present fraud. Secondly, we all need peace of mind. The technology provides this by improving security therefore protecting the customer and inspiring confidence to use credit cards without fear. It also enables the credit card company to program fraud prevention measures. For example, if you lose your card and report this, the company can use the EMV chip technology to disable the card and minimize losses. Finally, the technology secures cards to enable the addition of future value-added applications.

What the Switch Means For Merchants and Customers
Merchants and financial institutions will require switching their hardware and software to new payment processing systems. Indeed, those who have not yet invested in EMV compatible systems will be held liable for any card present fraud. Merchants who have already made the switch however are not held liable for card present fraud and instead, the company shoulders this responsibility. On the other hand, customers will be expected to activate the new chip cards they are issued with and familiarize themselves with the payment process.
Unfortunately, EMV does not affect internet, telephone and mail order transactions and therefore, card not present fraud is expected to increase. On overall however, they are a great start in the fight against credit card fraud.

Credit card safety

Credit card safety

Credit card safety is the drive for all changes in the US market since October of 2015. No one is safe in the United States, which is a crazy statement to make. But…Computer hackers have stolen information, including Social Security numbers, from Target, Epsilon, Sony, Global Payment Systems, Zappos, and even the IRS. Thieves who have stolen this information, now have the best tool available to make fake Credit Cards. Cards with legitimate names, addresses, and social security numbers, with credit limits that are real and usable.

Credit card safety

Credit card safety

How does this affect you, the merchant? If you are using the new dip technology, making sure your customers do not swipe, then you are protected from these fraudulent stolen cards. In a recent survey, however, only 39% of merchants across the country are using the new technology correctly. This means, if you, for example, are an auto repair shop, where tickets can range from several hundred dollars to thousands of dollars and you swipe a card instead of using the chip technology, you will be held responsible for the charges, not the bank if you dispute them. Not many business can afford to absorb hundreds of dollars’ worth of fraud, let alone thousands more than once without it completely affecting its business.

Our advice, train your employees, start using the chip technology. And if you have not converted, then convert at once. Your bottom line is at stake.

Credit cards being the most recent in mode of payment have created a radical new convention in the business world. Today, both the clients and traders are ensuring that they cash on the credit card handling. Just like credit card processing make an extraordinary effect in large business likewise applies on small business. Indeed, even a little entrepreneur can enjoy the extravagance and advantages offered by Credit cards.

Credit card processing has large number of advantages for dealer and uniquely the small business merchants. While a large business uses charge card handling to add to its notoriety and status, a little business can likewise do the same. Below are benefits of credit card processing for small business.

1.In the long run, you will profit by accepting credit card processing than you will pay in processing expenses. Studies affirm that when individuals can pay with a credit card, their requests will be bigger than if they paid with money. Clients – online and in store fronts – need to have the capacity to pay with a credit and they will remunerate your offers for the benefit.

Traders and clients will experience real-time processing. Transactions are finished consequently and in a flash. If time is critical to your business, this can be a genuine aid. The transaction is done and the item and administration (or the receipt for item or administration) is delivered within minutes. If, on the other hand, your business is offline meaning you don’t deliver item or administrations over the Internet – you may prefer conceded processing. This permits you to survey orders for exactness before charging the Visa and dispatching. Furthermore, if your online system goes down, a conceded system won’t hold up deals as the client wasn’t web sitting tight for affirmation.

3.Credit cards are not only a comfort for clients. They are additionally an accommodation for the dealer who can in fact stay open for business 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In the event that you work your business far from your customer, a customer does not have to sit tight for long to submit an order.

Credit card processing can mean less excursions to the bank for deposits or to determine bounced checks. You no more need to hold up to check whether the check will clear as your payment is normally ensured by the credit card company.

Enlarge your client base by adding an online segment to your business – one that gets payments through credit cards. Regardless of the possibility that yours is a local shop, you should have an online vicinity. With the right label words, your site may be the first to appear with the stock looked for by somebody the nation over. That client does not need to go to your store to get and pay for the item – and you, the dealer, have quite recently broadened your client base.

With the right item or administration, even the little business can tackle his rivals and win. However in order to contend with the enormous business, the small entrepreneur should have the capacity to offer clients the same accommodations different vendors are putting forth. One of the greatest comforts you can offer your clients is credit card payments.

Credit card processing administrations have steadily grasped e-business. With the gigantic inclination for credit cards by customers, entrepreneurs are after these administrations so that the whole transaction procedure can be completed smoothly. With online merchant accounts you can start with online credit card processing. These accounts are set up to get online credit card payments. The day’s payments dwell in merchants accounts and afterward are naturally transacted to the bank account of the business organization.

Benefiting of trader account services is required in the contemporary scene for e-business so that credit card processing can be performed with extraordinary rate. Without these administrations, online organizations will miss out on some critical benefits mentioned below.

Online charge card processing is safe and secure
Security and unwavering quality are connected to credit card processing of payment. 24×7 accessibility and no stress of failure. These administrations support the business with convenience advantages. The administrations incorporating high level innovation make it troublesome for hackers to steal data and clients have all the security in the world.

Merchant account administrations for matching rate with transactions
Clients can without much of a stretch make the transaction with the account services. The way they make their online buy should in like manner be possible in only a couple clicks. With Visa, MasterCard and so forth with trader account administrations, handling online can be performed effortlessly. Also, the clients can settle every one of their questions with respect to the transactions through support benefits that are prepared to explain a wide range of issues.

Online vendor accounts offer Global access
Regardless of where in the world your clients are, merchant accounts can be accessed from anyplace on the planet. You can audit, outline and screen transactions, and this all under online credit card processing.

Trader account administrations for simple transactions in distinctive monetary standards
With account administrations you can likewise have the simplicity of conversion of currency alternative. This administration makes the business operation smooth and perfect. You can likewise profit of the detailed data about the clients alongside the important data sought for business purposes.

All in all, online credit card processing have supported organizations in a powerful and effective approach, as sales have augmented to an awesome level – courtesy of the straightforwardness and accommodation connected with the transactions. Clients make use of ongoing Internet conveniences to pay for the online transactions.

Financially savvy, preferred and protected, online card processing administrations are comforts that are portrayed to benefit both entrepreneurs and clients.

If you have an online store or if you possess an online e-business site, you might require online credit card processing. By taking the assistance of a credit card payment entryway and an online vendor account, you can give your clients a distinct option for purchase merchandise and administrations with only a single tick of mouse, 24×7. If you are readied to take your little business site to a raised level and build up a retail part, it is extremely noteworthy that you discover a reliable and financially savvy credit card processing passage.

When a lot of people compare credit card merchant accounts, they often only look at the fees they will be charged per transaction. However, there is much more to looking the best-priced merchant processing services than that. In fact, there are other fees and charges involved that can turn the most affordable provider into among the most expensive. If you are looking for a processing provider, here are a few of the things you’ll need to consider.

Not all credit card merchant accounts can connect directly to your shopping cart software. Therefore, you need a payment gateway to connect your merchant processing services to your shopping cart order page. This allows it to relay information between your merchant processing services account and your site. While they don’t come with additional services, you’ll notice payment gateways do include several features. If you’re looking for a payment gateway, here are a few things for you to consider.

Expenses Associated With Payment Gateways For The Credit Card Merchant Accounts

Every installment portal supplier charges distinctive expenses and offers diverse bundles. In this manner, ensure you analyze each of them deliberately before choosing which one to purchase. For example, some providers will charge a large setup fee while others have none. Then, you’ll likely need to pay a monthly fee and a small transaction fee in addition to any features you’ve decided to add to it.

You’ll need to be cautious here because price doesn’t always represent the quality of the service. Look for one that offers a good service for a decent price. Don’t be taken in by bargain basement prices or ‘premium’ services without researching them carefully first.

Security Features
Since installment passages transmit the customer’s touchy budgetary data to and from your charge card shipper account while lodging your own information, they are prime focuses for programmers. This makes security a flat out must and not something you need to take softly.

Therefore, go with a provider who has a good reputation and uses nothing but the best security systems and data centers to ensure your merchant processing services information and your client’s financial information remain private and secure. Also, look for Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance as this will help ensure the security of their services.

Extra Payment Gateway Features

You should know about what your site has and does not need to forestall paying for one simple thing twice over. Subsequently, when you ask about installment passages, make certain to ask what accompanies it. This could incorporate a virtual terminal, repeating charging alternatives, misrepresentation and efforts to establish safety, combination choices, and checks.

Before you settle on your official choice, consider your needs first. On the off chance that you needn’t bother with repeating charging, for instance, and you pay additional to get it, you’re basically squandering cash. Ensure you recognize what highlights you require before settling on a choice so you can make sure to get all that you need.

When searching for a payment gateway for your credit card merchant account, you’ll want to match each service to these points to see how each of them stacks up. Then, you’ll also want to consider reliability, company reputation, customer service, and your overall impression of the company. Simply by taking the time to choose a payment gateway provider now, you’ll be able to save yourself numerous headaches and money after it is hooked up to your merchant processing services and Web site.

Credit card exchanges have turned into a typical method for installment for business exchanges. Prior, banks were the essential credit card processing organizations. Enhanced innovation and the web host permitted third gathering offices to enter this space, and they are putting forth speedier and less expensive administrations to vendors.

Credit card rates fluctuate over the business sector. They can rely on upon deal sum, deal volume, credit appraisals of the entrepreneur, and buy or rent of purpose of-offer machines by the trader. Credit card processing organizations can charge a rate of the business sum per swipe, a level expense, a ventured charge or both a settled charge and a rate of the business sum.

Organizations ought to check their money related proclamations intermittently, or if nothing else once per year, to ensure they are not paying more than required as credit card processing expenses. This survey can frequently bring about the business changing its credit office to enhance its main concern.

Despite the fact that a decent processing rate is pleasant, different variables additionally should be investigated incase you plan to change your credit card processing organization:

Similarity with Existing Hardware and Software

Should have a framework that functions admirably with the current equipment setup at the dealer’s business. Credit card spaces are accessible on telephones, PCs, wired and remote machines. Correspondingly, the product for deals section may permit return charge, memberships, and repeating charges. The credit card processor ought to be prepared to handle these guidelines precisely.

Support for Online Shopping Cart Applications

Numerous organizations have sites that permit web shopping through a shopping basket application. The framework ought to have the capacity to bolster the application. Downtime of uses is a coding bad dream, as well as a bother to the client and a deal executioner.

Accessibility of Funds

The processing firms as a rule process a group at like clockwork. The assets are not accessible instantly subsequent to processing. In the event that quick accessibility of assets is a noteworthy issue for your business, this is an essential thought.

Equipment Specific

Some credit card organizations offer equipment particular arrangements. Traders need to purchase POS instruments from the organization so as to backing the framework. The low processing expense is balanced the sum you shell out for the terminals. In the event that the administrations and rates of the organization are great, you can proceed with the arrangement, as equipment is reprogrammable and can be sold off later.

Nature of Customer Service

The terminals introduced by the offices ought to be anything but difficult to utilize. Dealers ought not need to call client watch over each issue, and on the off chance that they do, the reaction ought to be quick.

Great administration and great processing expenses are similarly imperative in a credit card processing office. A low processing charge benefits not do the business at all if deals can’t be handled easily because of moderate processing times, hard to utilize machines and unhelpful client administration.

Therefore, it includes a planned exertion from a great deal of experts and administration suppliers. In that sense, we can likewise say that credit card is an industry in itself that has produced a considerable measure of livelihood.