With the use of smartphones, online shopping is at your fingertips. You can use your mobile web browser to shop with ease, or you can use one of the apps that many popular stores provide as an alternative to their mobile websites.


Many store’s websites, such as Forever 21, Urban Outfitters, and Amazon, have updated their websites to make them mobile-friendly, meaning that they are easy to navigate and view without having to zoom in or out, and the menu options are clean and easy to use on the smartphone touch screen.


All of the above listed website also have developed mobile apps that can be installed instead of visiting the website. These apps save your customer information such as your address and email address, as well as your credit card and shopping preferences if you so choose to input them.


There are also ways to online shop that are specifically meant for smartphone use. One example of this is Poshmark, which is a clothing resale and shopping app that eventually created a website after popular demand. This app allows smartphone users to search by their favourite brands or what specific item they are looking for, and to browse all items posted to the app that match the search query. Since posting items for sale is completely available to all users, there is a lot of content available. That’s why the app allows users to set their size preferences, so that they only see items that are within their size range. Credit card charges are processed through Postmark rather than through the individual sellers as an added measure of security.


When you shop from your smartphone, you also have the added advantage of utilizing your phone’s pay and wallet services (for example, Apple Pay, Android Pay, Wallet, or Google Wallet). These apps or services allow you to input and save your credit card information into your smartphone, and when you pay using a Pay service, the smartphone does not give away your credit card information when allowing the website or app to process your transaction while you are online shopping. Instead, it provides the mobile site or app with a unique transaction code or device code, that way your card information stays secure. And if you pay with an iPhone specifically, your purchases are protected by Touch ID, meaning the credit card owner’s fingerprint must be scanned in order for a charge to the credit card to be processed.


The internet and smartphones have brought about many changes in the way that we interact with the world around us, with the way that we go shopping being a major change. We are now able to shop from wherever we are in a secure and safe way with the protection features and services that our smartphones provide, and the online shopping experience continues to grow and evolve as our smartphones continue to grow and evolve, too.

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