There are very few things more irritating than a long, long layover at an airport between flights. However, if you have your wallet and your credit card in hand, you can kill time by turning the airport terminal into your mall and going on a shopping trip while you wait to catch your next flight.


Airport terminals have many different places to shop and swipe that credit card, besides the regular gift shop, especially in international terminals. You can visit different restaurants, treat yourself to a glass of wine, and even go on a shopping spree.


One great spot for a layover is the Vancouver Airport’s terminal, either on the domestic or the international side. With two different Starbucks locations, a Tim Hortons, fast food options such as A&W and Wendy’s, and sit-down restaurants and bars like Koho Restaurant and Bar, Lift Bar and Grill, and Vino Volo, to name a few, the dining options are plentiful.


You can also go shopping at stores like Burberry, Cartier, Gucci, and Victoria’s Secret, plus your typical airport stores such as Hudson News, souvenir shops, and duty-free stores, where purchases to your credit card are processed without any taxes or additional fees, and you can purchase items you will be allowed to carry with you on to your next destination.


With the swipe of a credit card, you can also indulge in services such as those at one of the four different Absolute Spa locations throughout the Vancouver Airport. Services such as massages, facials, hair styling, and waxing and hair removal services are available for purchase, allowing you to relax and unwind before your body has to process the stress of another long flight.


You can also use your credit card to prepare yourself for your next destination, by withdrawing money at the Royal Bank of Canada ATM and bringing it to one of the many ICE Currency Exchange locations that can be found throughout the airport. That way, you can make sure that you have the correct currency that you need for your next destination before you land, so you don’t have to stress and worry about finding a place to withdraw money and exchange it for the local currency upon arrival. And you have the time to do it at the airport, so why waste your precious vacation time in line at the currency exchange?


Even though layovers may seem like a big pain, they don’t have to be if you look at them a little differently. Rather than being bummed about a waste of a day or worrying about being bored for the entire duration of your day at the airport, see it as an interrupted chance to dine, shop, and indulge in spa services within the terminal without any other commitments to make (besides your connecting flight, of course!). So grab a glass of wine, put your feet up for a massage, and get your credit card ready to shop until you drop.

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