We provide you with fast, reliable and secure business transactions. Direct Processors accepts a wide range of card brands and types. Our payment processing system has continuous integration with your Point-of-Sale system and secure approvals for credit, mobile, gift, and debit transactions.

PCI Compliance

We ensure that your business is always compliant. Every year a representative will go through the process to make adjustments for your businesses growth and safely.

EMV Credit Card Processing

Direct Processors keeps your mind at ease as far as identity theft and breach is concerned. Instead of the traditional credit cards we are already providing terminals to recognize cards that are installed with a smart chip. The smart chip technology allows us to provide you with better security against fraud.

Point of Sale Solutions

We provide you with a new generation of Point of Sale Solutions. These solutions allow you to track inventory automatically when selling and receiving items. With our POS solutions you can have access anywhere and anytime. Run your business from hereafter with ease.